Sunsweet Light of the Sky & Siniketun Ihmemies
Siniketun-related shelties:
Ch Looney Toonie's Bachelor Simbelulun Acasia
Looney Toonie's Boogie Woogie Simbelulun Adansonia
Ch Looney Toonie's Bridget Jones Simbelulun Agapanthus
  Simbelulun Alonsoa
Other relatives to our shelties:
Ch Apple Acres Expedition Marklin Wild Gypsy at Tegwel
Ch Apple Acres Odyssey Armani Ch Marvitholl Iskander
Ch Ariom Tamoshanter Ch Mei Dan Ying
  Ch Misty Dawn's Crystal Rose
Baronets Merle Baize Ch Mordule's Bannock
Ch Beauideal Applause for Grandgables  
Ch Bermarks Pride 'N' Presence Poulsgaards Hurrican In Gold
Ch Bermarks William Ch Poulsgaards Look-At-Me
Ch Bridemoor's Sergeant Pepper  
Ch Brieya Dolci Ch Reubicia Blue Flame at Ruscombe
Ch Carolelen Causing Chaos Ch Scandyline Identic Design
  Scandyline Taste of Wine 
Ch Deep Illusion's Glimmering Star Sefair Enchant Esquire
Ch Doing Little By Little Sefair Pelifita Pirita
Ch Doing Very Well  
  Ch Sheldon Space Joker
Ch Edglonian Strolling Nomad of Lochkaren Ch Shelgate Midnight Magic
Ch Enclave Jade Mist Tapestry Ch Shezadun Bene Elia Berac
  Ch Shezadun Delech Hamelech
Ch of Fair Wind Naturally Black Ch Shezadun Jaffay Shaaron
Final Desire the Power of Dreams Snowglow's Nadiisa
Ch Forestland Nutcracker  
  Sunsweet Bound To Be
Ch Goodtimes Blazin' Hot Moments Sunsweet Dream of Glory
Ch Grandgables A Showy Fellow Sunsweet Golden Gala
Ch Grandgables It's Show Time Sunsweet Light of the Sky
  Ch Sunsweet Wild Cats
Ch Jade Mist Beyond Tradition Sunsweet Wild Gipsy
Ch Japaro Satin 'N' Lace Ch Sunsweet Wild Look
Ch Japaro Special Agent  
  Ch Tytylän Vilhelmiina
Ch Kamajakin Iron-Bilott Tytylän Vilpertti
  Tytylän Yökaste
Ch Lizmark Marchand D'or  
Ch Lundecock's Fiddler On the Roof Ch Willow Cove's Time Card
Ch Lundecock's Rash Line Ch Windcrest Blaze of Fire
Ch Lundecock's Skip'n Go Naked  
Ch Lundecock's Xit from Hell